Save more with Alchemy Markets on FIX API 4.4, one of the fastest and most robust solutions for high-frequency traders! Trade with raw spreads, institutional liquidity and execution, and a tiered commission structure based on volume. Enjoy high speed connectivity, ultra-low latency, and access to 1000+ products across 10+ asset classes, including Forex, Stocks*, and more!


FIX API allows you to access global Forex markets directly, without the intermediary of a trading platform.

With the Alchemy Markets FIX API, high-frequency traders can benefit from superior execution speeds and algorithmic trading in any programming language of your choice. Simply integrate it with any custom trading platform or GUI and customise your trading to your specific needs. You can then trade our entire product offering, including 125 Forex pairs, Stocks*, Commodities*, Indices*, ETFs*, and over 60 unique Crypto* pairs - one of the largest in the industry!

Deep Global

Gain direct access to over 20+ Bank and Non-Bank Liquidity Providers and multiple unique price feeds, including single makers, aggregators, and dark pools. Alchemy Markets can customise liquidity for your proprietary algorithms depending on your trading style, liquidity needs, and much more.

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Flexible and
Easy Integration

Directly integrate Alchemy Market’s FIX API with any custom trading platform, GUI, or trading strategy. Alchemy Markets uses PrimeXM FIX API 4.4.

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Receive real-time market data from multiple unique price streams in seconds, and place your trades with 100% STP execution and execution speeds

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What Is FIX API?

FIX (Financial Information eXchange) is an industry standard protocol used by major trading firms to ensure the fastest possible execution. It encodes information about orders and sends them as standardised messages between market participants. An API (Application Programming Interface) is software that allows two users to exchange information.

For Forex traders, FIX API is necessary for high-speed, algorithmic strategies as it allows direct connection to the global marketplace without using a third-party programme like MetaTrader. Alchemy Markets traders can use FIX API for faster order execution and get live market data with maximum transparency and minimal trading costs.

Why Trade On FIX API With Alchemy Markets?

At Alchemy Markets, we provide exceptional trading conditions for all our clients. Our FIX API gives you customisable pricing and liquidity based on your specific trading needs. Access 20+ liquidity pools and multiple unique price feeds, including aggregators, single makers, and dark pools. From a custom top of book liquidity to a low latency Asian session scalping feed and everything in between, we will be able to support you in all your trading endeavours!

Institutional Liquidity and Execution, and Raw Spreads

Access 1000+ products across 10+ asset classes, including 125 Forex Pairs and 60+ unique Crypto* pairs. Trade with institutional raw spreads from 0 pips, a tiered commission structure based on trading volume, and 100% STP execution with speeds of

Top-Notch Technology and IT Infrastructure

Trade with exceptional technology and infrastructure including back office and backend, bridge, and hosting. The Alchemy Markets data centre is hosted in London (Equinix LD4), and it is the leading data centre in the world with more transactional volume than New York or Tokyo.

Technology Features:

  • World-class aggregation

  • Smart-Order-Routing and bridging technology

  • Custom server and hosting design to scale data-intensive low latency

  • MT4-based environments

  • State-of-the-art hosting at Equinix LD4 data centre near London

  • Tier-1 Internet comprising of 8 IP carriers

  • Sub-millisecond latency cross connections to multiple exchanges and liquidity hubs

  • Highly available cluster-redundant architecture with disaster recovery solution and DDoS protection

How To Implement FIX API

To start trading with Alchemy Markets' FIX API, you must have a FIX engine, which is an application that sends and receives FIX messages.

To implement our FIX API, you will need to first open and verify your live account and deposit a minimum of 5,000 USD. You can then hop on live chat or send us an email at requesting FIX API access. Please include your IP Address to whitelist. From there, our technical team will create your FIX API in 24 hours. Our professional teams are available through live chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, or over the phone, available 24/5.

How to Open a Trading Account with Alchemy Markets

Open a trading account with us and access global markets in no time.

Sign Up

Sign up for an Alchemy Markets trading account in just a few minutes.

Verify your ID

Verifying your identity has never been easier with Alchemy Markets’ Automated KYC software.

Start Trading

Fund your account and start trading your favourite instruments from your preferred device with raw spreads, and no trading restrictions.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Your money, your way. At Alchemy Markets, traders can withdraw and deposit their funds with ease at their convenience using any of our available methods, including Bank Wire, Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller, Cryptocurrency, and UnionPay. Take your pick and fund your account in no time.

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And Many More...

Why Choose Alchemy Markets?

Tier-One Liquidity
and Execution

Enjoy institutional liquidity with execution speeds of

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Extensive Choice
of Markets

Access the global markets instant from your home, office or on mobile and tablet, including Forex pairs, Stocks*, Crypto*, Indices*, Commodities*, and ETFs* and more via FIX API.

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Top Notch
Customer Support

Receive expert support 24/5 from our professional teams available through live chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, or over the phone.

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An Application Programming Interface (API) is a protocol to allow communication between different software users. Different services and products can communicate with each other via the API and exchange data. API trading allows you to connect two applications, such as a trading platform and a brokerage account, and gives you direct access to markets. This allows for faster order execution and reduces the trading friction when trading with a broker.

FIX is a bi-directional messaging protocol that transfers messages between two parties that want to buy and sell assets. Trading via FIX is much lighter and has higher execution speeds, as clients exchange messages and connect directly to other market participants to exchange trade information. High-frequency traders can use the Alchemy Markets FIX API solution to trade directly or by integrating it with any trading platform or GUI.

FIX API is popular with a wide range of users, including buy and sell side firms, high-frequency traders, and professional algorithmic investors. This is because it allows users to communicate trade information at high speeds without an intermediary. Trading via FIX also provides fully limitless opportunities to customise your trading in terms of liquidity and the use of proprietary algorithms.

FIX API is an ultra-fast and user-friendly solution for Forex trading, connecting FX liquidity makers with traders directly. As a high-frequency trader, you will be able to access more sophisticated liquidity providers with high-speed connectivity and ultra-low latency. At Alchemy Markets, you can trade 1000+ products across 10+ asset classes, including Forex, with institutional raw spreads and STP execution speeds of <10ms.

Market data on FIX API such as Bid Price or Offer Price is subscription-based, and you must request it to receive it. To do this, you can send a Market Data Request message [‘MarketDataRequestV’].

You can place orders on FIX API with the following messages: [‘NewOrderSingleD’], [‘OrderCancelRequestF’], [‘OrderStatusRequestH’], and [‘OrderMassStatusRequestAF’]. Orders that are placed with the same SenderCompID will appear on the same execution report.


*All instruments offered by Alchemy Markets are traded in the form of derivatives as CFDs.

¹We offer commission-free trading on Forex, Indices, and Metals for Classic and Premier accounts only. For information on our charges on other account types and products including Crypto CFDs and Stock CFDs, you can visit our individual product pages and product sheets.