Market our entire product range to your clients with your personal referral link and start earning now! As an Introducing Broker with Alchemy Markets, the more your clients trade, the more in rebates you will earn. We provide tight spreads, no commissions¹, institutional liquidity and execution, and expert support 24/5. Access to global markets and trade our entire product range including Forex, Stocks*, and more!

Become an Introducing Broker with Alchemy Markets

Set up your Introducing Broker business in minutes with Alchemy Markets. Simply sign up online, verify your details, and send out your referral link to your prospective clients. With 1000+ products, a real-time IB dashboard and portal, multiple tiers of Sub-IBs, and a flexible rebates, Alchemy Markets is the preferred brokers for Introducing Brokers.

Benefits of the Alchemy Markets Introducing Broker Programme

  • Real-time IB Portal with Custom IB Links, Registration Pages, and Signup Tools

  • Guaranteed Payouts

  • Flexible Rebates and Markups

  • Bespoke Liquidity and Pricing

  • Up to 3 Tiers of Sub-IBs

  • MT4, MT5 and FIX API connectivity

  • Marketing Materials including Landing Pages, Designs, and Creatives

  • Free Trading Tools from Trading Central and FXBlue

  • Personalised Performance Website for Fund Managers

  • 24/5 Support from a Dedicated Account Manager

How to Become An Introducing Broker

Become a partner with us in minutes and start referring clients.

Sign Up

Sign up for an Alchemy Markets trading account in just a few minutes.

Verify your ID

Verifying your identity has never been easier with Alchemy Markets’ automated KYC software.

Sign Up as an Introducing Broker

Sign up in the portal, confirm your agreement terms - standard or custom - and sign the agreement.


As an Alchemy Markets partner, receive guaranteed fast payouts customised to your prefered withdrawal method.** Our partners earn a portion of the spread from each of their referred clients every time they trade. Partners can further maximise their profitability by joining our sub-IB programme to attract and support their own partners.

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Robust Partner Portal
& Real-Time Dashboards

Gain access to Alchemy Markets’ robust Partner Portal to monitor your clients in real-time. With our real-time IB Dashboards, partners can easily see all client actions, their trading activity, account capitalisation, and order histories with customisable reporting formats. Find information on your current payout levels with client trading volumes, payouts to date, and any Sub-IBs set up so far, and use this information to maximise your profitability. Expand your business with custom IB links, registration pages, and signup tools.

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Free Custom Marketing Materials
(Landing Pages & Creatives)

Alchemy Markets provides its partners with free, all-inclusive marketing materials and support! As a partner, receive full access to Alchemy Market’s expert team of designers, and develop the custom landing pages and marketing creatives needed to grow your business. Render registration forms directly on your own websites and landing pages to aid in converting and tracking your audience. Our marketing materials are generated dynamically for each campaign and downloadable for instant use!

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What Is An Introducing Broker?

An Introducing Broker (IB) is someone or a group that refers new clients to a broker. When you become an IB, you can use the brokerage’s trading platform as a product for your clients, who can then execute trades on the platform. A portion of the spread is rebated back to the IB as a part of their fee for introducing the client.

The brokerage benefits from the additional trading volume and new clients, and the IB benefits from receiving a rebate from the spread on every trade executed.

At Alchemy Markets, we do the heavy lifting for our IB partners and offer technical support to your referred clients directly. This frees up your bandwidth so you can focus on growing your business.

What Is a Master Introducing Broker?

A Master Introducing Broker is an IB who refers not only new clients to the main broker, but other IBs as well. As a Master IB, you can use a brokerage’s trading platform as a product for your Sub-IB clients, whose traders can execute trades through the brokerage’s platform. You’ll earn a rebate based on the spread as a commission for referring your Sub-IB to the brokerage.

In simple terms, as a Master IB, you would refer a ‘friend’, and if your ‘friend’ refers their ‘friends’, you both earn from any trades executed. As a Master IB, you are a referrer of referrers.

At Alchemy Markets, we offer up to 3 tiers of Sub-IBs. Expand your business exponentially by enrolling partners of your own, who will have access to our platforms with all of the partnership benefits. You can track your increased earnings in a real-time dashboard anytime and receive fast payouts. Alchemy Markets imposes no upper limits on earnings.

Revenue and Market Rebates

When you become our partner as an Introducing Broker, you can receive payouts in the form of spread rebates. A rebate is the fee a brokerage pays an Introducing Broker which is a portion of the spread that is being charged. When your clients have been onboarded, the more they trade, the more you earn. These rebates are credited to your account in your chosen currency (USD, EUR, or GBP).

Why Become an Introducing Broker
with Alchemy Markets?

IB Portal and Real-Time Dashboards

Access a multi-functional IB portal that provides real-time reporting on your client activity, tracks your revenue, trading volume, Sub-IBs, and more.

Fast Payouts

Enjoy bespoke pricing and a bespoke rebate structure with fast, guaranteed payouts customised to your withdrawal needs.**

Multiple Tiers of Sub-IBs

Earn extra income when you attract new partners. We offer up to 3 tiers of Sub-IBs, and you will be able to earn a spread rebate from trades placed by referred clients of your Sub-IBs.

Free Customer Marketing Materials

Receive free marketing materials and support from Alchemy Markets to grow your business. Customise your IB links, registration pages, and signup tools. Generate and download custom landing pages for instant use, and render registration forms on your own website to reach a wider audience.

Deep Liquidity and Institutional Execution

Your clients can benefit from tight spreads and institutional liquidity when they trade with you through Alchemy Markets. We provide 100% STP execution with speeds

Free Access to Sophisticated Tools and Research

Enjoy free, advanced tools and research from Trading Central and FXBlue, including Technical Views, Correlation Matrices, Adaptive Candlesticks, Trader Sentiment, Positioning Data, and more. Protect your AUM with risk management tools, run automated strategies 24/7 with the Alchemy Markets VPS, and keep up with market news on our blog.

24/5 Customer Support

We are here for you, anytime the market is open. Our team of industry professionals are always here to support you and your customers, to ensure they are onboarded quickly and get the best support in the industry.

Free Performance Website

Track and market your trading with a free performance website when you copy trade. Manager performance is broken down with historical results and trading information, making this the perfect marketing tool to win new clients as copy or managed accounts.

The Latest Generation of PAMM

Use the best PAMM software for fund managers that you can tailor to your specific needs. Allocate trades based on lot size and percentage, set performance and management fees per client or group, and protect your client capital with dynamic equity stop out conditions.

Superior Copy Trading Solutions

Copy trades to an unlimited number of accounts on MT4 or MT5 using the Alchemy Markets Copy Trading Solution. You do not need special software, configuration, EA, or other tools to do so. Our average replication speed is 50ms, which is some of the fastest among copy trading solutions.

Signals Service

Set up your own very own trading signals via MT4 within minutes! Receive a unique URL to showcase the effectiveness of your signals as part of your performance website and grow your client base.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Your money, your way. At Alchemy Markets, traders can withdraw and deposit their funds with ease at their convenience using any of our available methods, including Bank Wire, Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller, Cryptocurrency, and UnionPay. Take your pick and fund your account in no time.

VisaMastercardJCBBank WireSkrillNeteller

And Many More...

Why Choose Alchemy Markets?

Tier-One Liquidity and Execution

Enjoy institutional liquidity via 20+ bank and non-bank LPs with Alchemy Markets, with execution speeds of

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Extensive Choice of Markets

Access the global markets instant from your home, office or on mobile and tablet. Trade over 1000 products over 10+ asset classes, including Forex pairs, Stocks*, Cryptocurrencies*, Indices*, Commodities*, and ETFs* on award-winning platforms MT4 or MT5.

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Top Notch Customer Support

Receive expert support 24/5 from our professional teams available through live chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, or over the phone.

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Introducing Broker FAQs

At Alchemy Markets, we provide a referral link to our partners - the introducing brokers - who bring in new clients to trade using it. When your referred client onboards with us, we provide them with a trading platform and 24/5 expert support on your behalf, and your clients can enjoy the same access to our extensive selection of tools and resources as our regular traders. As the introducing broker, you will be able to access a detailed IB dashboard to see client trading volumes and account information, and client fees incurred in trading are split between you and Alchemy Markets.

As an Introducing Broker with Alchemy Markets, you will be able to benefit from spread rebates for the clients you refer. These are cash payments from a portion of the spread from your referred clients’ executed trades. The more your clients trade, the more you will be able to make. You will also be able to earn directly from attracting other partners (sub-IBs) through your referral link and earn extra income from clients of your sub-IBs. These rebates are credited to your account in your chosen currency (USD, EUR, or GBP).

A Sub-Introducing Broker (Sub-IB) is a referral programme where our IB partners can attract new IB partners with their referral link. Sub-IBs can receive earnings when their referred clients trade with Alchemy Markets, and so can the original IB partner.

IB programmes are generally used by financial advisors, financial educators, successful traders, and money managers. But any individual or company can become an Introducing Broker, as long as they have the appropriate KYC documents to create and verify their account with Alchemy Markets.

Your referred clients will be able to enjoy the full features and functions of our trading platforms as our regular clients when they trade through an IB’s referral. These include superior technical indicators and tools, additional resources provided by Alchemy Markets through Trading Central and FXBlue, and access to over 1000 products across 10+ asset classes, including 125 Forex pairs. They will also be able to seek assistance 24/5 with our expert support teams when they trade through an IB’s referral.

While both programmes have the end goal of acquiring new clients that will trade on the partner broker’s platform, they differ in degree of autonomy and function scope. As an Introducing Broker, you simply act as an intermediary in trading when you refer clients to your partner broker. A White Label is an agreement for you to market your own brand through your partner broker’s trading platform, and you will receive full back-office support and operational capabilities under your brand identity.

For more information on our White Label programme at Alchemy Markets, you can visit this page.


*All instruments offered by Alchemy Markets are traded in the form of derivatives as CFDs.

**Transfers by bank wire can take 2 to 3 business days to clear depending on when you initiate transfer, where fund is being transferred, and fund transfer method.

¹We offer commission-free trading on Forex, Indices, and Metals for Classic and Premier accounts only. For information on our charges on other account types and products including Crypto CFDs and Stock CFDs, you can visit our individual product pages and product sheets.