Run automated trading strategies 24/7 with ultra-low latency on Alchemy Markets’ VPS! Benefit from consistent uptime for your Expert Advisor (EA), automated, or FIX API strategy. Trade even when your computer is off, with tight spreads, no commissions¹, institutional liquidity and execution, and expert support 24/5.

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Experience superior connectivity speeds and execute strategies 24/7 with Alchemy Markets’ free VPS!

We provide two VPS solutions - Gold and Platinum. Our Gold VPS is the Gold standard for VPS solutions, with the ability to run up to 3 MT4/MT5 instances concurrently, while our Platinum VPS offers an even more robust and powerful solution for the most active traders, with the ability to run up to 5 MT4/MT5 instances at the same time.

Our VPS solutions are free for VIP account holders or can be provided for free based on trading volume. If you would like to get started, create an account with us and contact our support to find out how you can qualify for a free VPS.

Why Use a VPS with Alchemy Markets?

The Alchemy Markets’ server is hosted at Equinix data centres in London (LD4) and New York (NY4). Both our Gold and Platinum VPS solutions provide our traders with a host of benefits, including 24/7 trade connectivity, ultra-low latency, the highest availability, and robust security.

24/7 Trade Connectivity

Run your automated strategies 24/7 with our VPS and never miss an opportunity in global markets, even when the power is out.

Ultra-Low Latency

Decrease chances of slippage with our Alchemy Markets’ VPS. With 100% STP execution with speeds of

Highest Availability

Benefit from a consistent 24-hour uptime for your Expert Advisor (EA), automated, or FIX API strategy. Trade seamlessly with stable EA functioning and monitor your trades on any device anywhere, anytime with no interruptions.

Robust Security

Protect your trading from vulnerabilities with advanced DDos Mitigation, which shields the Alchemy Markets server by detecting cyber threats and attacks and swiftly mitigating them.

What Is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) connects clients remotely to a physical server, allowing them access to hardware far beyond what is available or cost-effective on a personal computer.

With the Alchemy Markets VPS, you can access servers at Equinix data centres in London or New York to run automated strategies 24/7, even if your home machine is turned off. Since client servers are hosted next to the markets' server, execution speeds are unparalleled and come with a range of benefits for traders using automated and especially high-speed strategies.

DDoS mitigation, fibre cross connects, and a dedicated IP address come as standard for VPS solutions. Depending on the package chosen, you can run between 1 and 5 instances of MT4/MT5 with our Gold and Platinum VPS solutions.

VPS Facts

  • 24-hour uptime for your trading strategy or EA

  • Fastest execution with direct access to global markets

  • Compatible with MT4 and MT5

  • Dedicated IP Address

  • Fibre Cross Connects

  • Extranet and Site-to-Site Connectivity

  • Advanced DDoS Mitigation

  • OpenVPN Access Tunnel

How to Open a Trading Account with Alchemy Markets

Open a trading account with us and access global markets in no time.

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Sign up for an Alchemy Markets trading account in just a few minutes.

Verify your ID

Verifying your identity has never been easier with Alchemy Markets’ Automated KYC software.

Start Trading

Fund your account and start trading your favourite instruments from your preferred device with tight spreads, and no trading restrictions.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Your money, your way. At Alchemy Markets, traders can withdraw and deposit their funds with ease at their convenience using any of our available methods, including Bank Wire, Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller, Cryptocurrency, and UnionPay. Take your pick and fund your account in no time.

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Why Choose Alchemy Markets?

Institutional Liquidity and Execution

Enjoy institutional liquidity via 20+ bank and non-bank LPs and Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Alchemy Markets, with execution speeds of

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Extensive Choice of Markets

Access the global markets instant from your home, office or on mobile and tablet, including Forex pairs, Stocks*, Crypto*, Indices*, Commodities*, and ETFs*.

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Top Notch Customer Support

Receive expert support 24/5 from our professional teams available through live chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, or over the phone.

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A VPS allows users to benefit from the advantages of a physical server in a data centre, without having to build the infrastructure themselves. Alchemy Markets can provide a VPS connection to data centres in London and New York, offering unrivalled speeds and continual connectivity to the Forex market, even if your home machine is switched off. By using a Forex VPS for trading, you can avoid downtime on your own machine and benefit from vastly increased computing power.

Yes, a VPS is popular with automated strategies or trading bots, including Forex trading bots, because it allows you to run your strategy continuously, even when your own computer is switched off. The strategy is hosted on physical servers in a data centre, which run 24/7 and offer extremely high speeds.

You can set up your VPS for Forex trading the same way as opening a normal Forex account with Alchemy Markets. After opening and funding your accounts, contact Alchemy Markets to select the best package. Gold and Platinum VPS offerings are available, with the Platinum allowing you to run more instances of MT4/MT5 and at higher speeds. The Platinum package is our best Forex VPS service, permitting clients to run up to five instances of MT4 or MT5 VPS. Our VPS is optimised for the use of automated Forex trading, including with the use of Expert Advisor (EA).

Yes, VPS trading allows you to improve execution speeds to the point where HFT becomes a viable strategy. Additionally, you are saved from the serious cost involved in owning and running physical servers due to our ability to rent space on Equinix servers. This gives unrivalled 24/7 market access.

You can use a VPS with both MT4 and MT5. On the Gold account, you can run 1-3 instances of either MT4 or MT5, and with platinum you can run up to 5 MT5 VPS. Both packages offer a dedicated IP address, DDoS protection, fibre cross connects, Extranet connectivity and an OpenVPN access tunnel.

Yes, a VPS can be used to host a copy trading master account. This will allow you to run the master account continuously on rented server space, keeping it online regardless without relying on your own hardware. Additionally execution speed benefits exist from the server.


*All instruments offered by Alchemy Markets are traded in the form of derivatives as CFDs.

¹We offer commission-free trading on Forex, Indices, and Metals for Classic and Premier accounts only. For information on our charges on other account types and products including Crypto CFDs and Stock CFDs, you can visit our individual product pages and product sheets.