Alchemy Markets’ Copy Trading solution connects Strategy Providers and Copy Traders on MT4 without the need for additional plugins or a VPS! Benefit from tight spreads, no commissions¹, institutional liquidity and execution when you copy trade 1000+ products across 10+ asset classes, including 125 Forex pairs, Stocks*, and more with expert support 24/5.

Strategy Providers
Why Copy Trade with Alchemy Markets?

Copy Trading Features

  • Quick and Easy Setup

  • Personalised Performance Website

  • Unique Signup Links

  • Customisable Fee Structures

  • Multiple Allocation And Risk Tools

  • Fast Payouts via Stripe, Bank Wire, or Credit Card

  • 100% STP Execution

  • 1000+ Products across 10+ Asset Classes

Why Copy Trade
with Alchemy Markets?

Sophisticated Copy Trading Dashboard

Present your live trading metrics, including their performance, open trades, trade history, and much more with a real-time dashboard. Manage all your clients, track your performance fees and revenue, and take control of your Copy Trading business in a single simple solution, through one account.

Personalised Performance Website

Showcase your stats with a free, personalised performance website and share your real-time performance with a customisable site link. Brand the website with your logo, details, and email, and add your custom Alchemy Markets Introducing Brokers link to your strategy page.

Flexible Fee Structures

Benefit from greater flexibility as a strategy provider at Alchemy Markets than with any other solution. Set monthly subscription, performance, and management fees and markups the way you want, customised for your trade copiers. When it’s time to collect your fees, enjoy fast payouts via Stripe, Bank Wire, or Credit Card.

Multiple Allocation and Risk Settings

Choose from 4 risk settings based on your lot size, including Risk Multiplier by Balance, Risk Multiplier by Equity, Lot Multiplier, and Fixed Lot. Your trade copiers will also be able to protect against volatile price movements with a Slippage setting, and prevent too large or small trades from being copied with Max Lot and Force Min Lot.

Features at a glance


Reverse Copy

Turn losing strategies into winners by reverse copying trades.


Email Alerts

Stay in the know with real-time email alerts for any trading activity.


Multiple Users

Manage your profile and your trades as a team.


Risk Settings

The lot size used on the copy account is based on your chosen risk setting, including Risk Multiplier by Balance, Risk Multiplier by Equity, Lot Multiplier, and Fixed Lot. Set your risk and leverage settings easily upon signup and adjust when needed.


Manual Stops & Limits

Set manual stops and limits like for like, and copy trades confidently with the ability to override master account decisions. Adjust copied trades with fixed levels or not copy at all.


Ultra-Low Latency Trade Copier

Copy multiple strategies instantly with an average replication speed of 50ms, some of the fastest in the industry


Easy Access

Host accounts securely in the cloud without downloading and installing additional plugins or a VPS.


Online Dashboard

Access a free, customisable dashboard and track your real-time performance anytime.

Copy Trading Investors

Why Copy Trade with Alchemy Markets?

As a trade copier, you can gain more control of your portfolio and choose from a variety of copy traders with Alchemy Markets.

Manage your investments with multiple allocation options, including Risk Multiplier by Balance or Equity, Lot Multiplier, or Fixed Lot. Place trades suited to your risk appetite, and customise your own stops and limits that can override your strategy provider’s settings.

If you want to become a trade copier, simply open an account with us and learn more about our Copy Trading solution by getting in touch through Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, email, live chat, or by phone.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is an arrangement where traders can copy another account’s trades, with the aim to achieve the same returns. There are various setups for copy trading, which can involve automatic copy trading, or having a strategy provider manually give instructions to a trader to enter particular trades.

Trade copiers select traders who match their investment style and goals, and view monthly and annualised statistics on the traders’ past performance. Strategy providers can be evaluated by their maximum drawdowns (the greatest loss compared to the start value), number of winning trades, and AUM, which signals their popularity.

Why Choose Alchemy Markets?

Deep Liquidity and
Ultra-Low Latency

Benefit from tight spreads and institutional liquidity via 20+ bank and non-bank Liquidity Providers across 1000+ products when you trade with Alchemy Markets. Offering pure STP execution with speeds

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Free Performance

Access a free performance website that offers a full breakdown of your trading performance. On your dashboard, you will be able to track account information such as account balance curve, trading statistics including the total number of trades placed and the best and worst trades executed, as well as daily, monthly, and yearly averages of wins and losses of your trades. You can also customise your performance website with your logos, details, email, and a unique provider link.

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The Latest Generation

We provide the best PAMM software strategy providers can tailor to their specific needs. Allocate trades based on lot size and percentage, and set performance and management fees per client or group. You can also protect your client capital with dynamic equity stop out conditions.

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Superior CopyTrading

Copy your trades using our Alchemy Markets Copy Trading Solution to an unlimited number of accounts. You do not need special software, configuration, or other tools to do this. Our average replication speed is 50ms, which is some of the fastest among copy trading solutions!

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If you have ever wanted to be a signal provider, Alchemy Markets can provide you with the tools and resources to do so when you become our partner! With our Signals Service, you can set up your own very own trading signals via MT4 within minutes. Each signal provider receives a unique URL to showcase their signals and can enable seamless payments to your signals in various ways.

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Free Customer Marketing Materials
(Landing Pages & Creatives)

Receive free, all-inclusive marketing materials and support from Alchemy Markets! As a strategy provider, you can benefit from the help of Alchemy Markets’ expert team of designers, who can create the custom landing pages you need to grow your copy trading business, generated dynamically and downloadable for instant use. You can also render registration forms directly on your own websites and landing pages to reach a wider audience. Finally, it goes without saying that you can customise all your links, registration pages, and signup tools.

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Sophisticated Tools and Research

When you trade with us, you can access a wide range of technical indicators and tools on the award-winning copy trading platform MT4. You can also use additional, advanced tools and research from Alchemy Markets’ partnership with Trading Central and FXBlue at no extra cost, including technical views such as pivot points, support and resistance, correlation matrices, adaptive candlesticks, and client sentiment and positioning data. On top of that, you can stay up to date with market news and access expert research and analytics on our dedicated blog.

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Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Your money, your way. At Alchemy Markets, traders can withdraw and deposit their funds with ease at their convenience using any of our available methods, including Bank Wire, Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller, Cryptocurrency, and UnionPay. Take your pick and fund your account in no time.

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And Many More...

Get Started with Alchemy Markets in Minutes

Set up your own Alchemy Markets Copy Trading strategy in minutes!

Sign Up

Sign up for an Alchemy Markets Trading Account in just a few minutes.

Link Account

Link your MT4 or MT5 account to the Alchemy Markets Copy Trading Dashboard.

Start Your Business

Set up your Copy Trading page, including performance fees and trade allocation settings, and share your custom signup link to attract investors.

Why Choose Alchemy Markets?

Tier-One Liquidity and Execution

Enjoy institutional liquidity via 20+ bank and non-bank LPs with Alchemy Markets, with execution speeds of

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Extensive Choice of Markets

Access the global markets instant from your home, office or on mobile and tablet. Trade over 1000 products over 10+ asset classes, including Forex, Stocks*, Indices*, ETFs*, Crypto*, and more, on the award-winning copy trading platform MT4.

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Top Notch Customer Support

Receive expert support 24/5 from our professional teams available through live chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, or over the phone.

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Copy Trading FAQs

Aside from the basic principle of copying another account’s trades, copy trading can vary significantly based on the setup used. Automatic copy trading with the use of a PAMM account enables exact copies of trades, down to the percentage allocation of each trade. By contrast, in an MAM setup, leverage and trade size allocation can be altered by trade copiers.

In manual copy trading, the strategy provider provides updates to clients by advising when to enter a trade and the exact position to take. Trade copiers then copy the trade if they would like to. This allows for maximum flexibility, but it can also result in performance diverging from that of the main account. Trade copiers are also exposed to risks from delays in copying their trades.

At Alchemy Markets, copy trading is done automatically once you have set up your account.

Many commercial trading platforms that cater to the retail market support copy trading for both strategy providers and copy trading investors, including MT4 and MT5. You can also participate in copy trading through external tools provided by your broker.The Alchemy Markets’ Copy Trading solution uses Social Trader Tools, a cloud-hosted and scalable platform built for Forex copy trading on MT4 without the need for the use of a VPS or additional plugins.To get started, all you need to do is set up an Alchemy Markets trading account and log into the Social Trader Tools portal. Once you have configured your risk settings, you can automatically copy trades from one account to multiple others.

Copy trading is most commonly used in the forex market for various reasons. The massive liquidity available means trades are less likely to move the market, and it is therefore possible for large numbers of traders to copy a single trade at the same price. Forex trade copiers can also benefit from rapid trade execution on well-established platforms.

How profitable your copy trading is for you and your clients depends on a variety of factors. If your master account (the account run by you, the strategy provider) is profitable, and your copy trader replicates their trades accurately, they should see the same profit levels.

Yes! Forex is the most common asset class for copy trading due to its liquidity and popularity with retail investors. At Alchemy Markets, we offer 125 Forex pairs with tight spreads and institutional liquidity and execution for retail traders. With our automatic Forex copy trading solution, trade copiers can benefit from an average replication speed of 50ms, the fastest on the market.

When you open an account with us and set up Forex copy trading, you will gain access to a real-time leaderboard of strategy providers to copy. Most Forex trade copiers look at the trader’s maximum drawdowns (the greatest loss compared to the start value), percentage of winning trades, number of followers, and AUM (assets under management). Depending on your goals, you may also want to find a trader that offers Forex copy trading strategies that fit in with your portfolio, with the right balance of diversification.

The best Forex copy trading system for you depends on your investment goals and risk appetite. There can be thousands of strategy providers on a single copy trading platform. If you are a Forex trade copier, you should understand your risk parameters and do your research before following one.


*All instruments offered by Alchemy Markets are traded in the form of derivatives as CFDs.

¹We offer commission-free trading on Forex, Indices, and Metals for Classic and Premier accounts only. For information on our charges on other account types and products including Crypto CFDs and Stock CFDs, you can visit our individual product pages and product sheets.